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Nilkamal Limited

Wello Waterwheel

In rural India, fresh water is a huge challenge.


Women make multiple trips carrying upto 25 litres of water on their head and they walk as much as 10 to 15 kilometers with the load. This has a severe impact on their health and can cause chronic back, neck, and eye pain and permanent curvature of the spine.


The Nilkamal Wello Waterwheel can carry as much as 45 Litres of water at a time and can be rolled rather than carried – helping the women roll twice as much water in half the time.


The digital video we created was stark and took the real story of the village woman to corporate India. It needed to look and feel true and not feel like an ad.


This film was to be shared through social media, direct mail and other forms of direct contact with people responsible for CSR budgets – Rs. 10 Lacs could actually change the lives of 500 women.