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When products, services, websites, apps and communication are created without understanding inherent human behaviour, businesses have to put in humungous effort to get customers to act. We often see this translate in business as the need for bigger marketing and sales budgets, constant discounting, revenue draining trade promotions, an ineffective website, high bounce rates, non-usage of an app, high customer churn, customers not acting on offers, low loyalty and many other business revenue drainers.

At Tidal7 we apply Behavioral Economics based thinking to solve business revenue growth problems. Our experience has been that it often throws up gaps, insights and areas to improve which conventional thinking cannot spot. Behavioral Economics is especially powerful in a world full of digital interfaces where simple changes can have outsized improvement in audience outcomes.

The team at Tidal7 and our BE consultants have worked on Behavioral interventions (not just advertising solutions) for brands like Tata, Apollo Hospitals, Reliance, among others, all with great success.

Problems we can solve for business

  • Identify true motivators and barriers for purchase and loyalty
  • Uncover customer behaviours gaps which result in revenue leakage for businesses
  • Overcome revenue dampeners which work against sales
  • Low conversion on website, apps and sales process
  • Overcome low loyalty situations, predict churn and create sticky customer base
  • Low up-sell/cross-sell across product portfolio
  • Bottlenecks to trial and purchase

Some techniques we specialise in


Strategies to enhance the impact of the future in the present.


Communication built on the understanding that people’s fear of losses gets them to act.


A 90% chance of survival seems a lot better than a 10% chance of death. Framing communication appropriately works.


Communication triggers that set the right relative context work more powerfully in driving behavior.


Children learn by mirroring their parents. Mirroring can be used to get adults to behave in specific ways.


The smart use of Social Norms can help get generous behavioral responses from people.

The Tidal7 Behavioral Economics Practice is offered in partnership with

Subash Franklin

Subash has over 18 years of multi-dimensional experience across innovation, marketing, sales, and communication. He has worked as a brand consultant, media planner and strategic planner across leading media and advertising agencies like JWT, Ogilvy, Fountainhead, OMD and DDB Mudra.

Subash’s varied experience in business, media, creative planning and behavioural economics brings a unique hybrid approach to work, often marrying insights from markets, media, and behavioural understanding. He specializes in building challenger brands, go-to-market strategies for product launches in highly contested categories, opportunity mapping, sales acceleration, digital marketing and product planning using outcome-driven innovation and jobs-to-be-done methodology. His work has been featured in WARC ‘Asian Media Best Practices’ and has won numerous national and international awards.

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