Strategic Services that build Growth Pillars

The one thing that is certain in the marketing landscape is change. What was considered important and innovative yesterday becomes routine today. And the search continues for that new initiative or pillar for growth that will take your brand and business to its next goal post.

Marketing teams and leaders often get caught up with the urgent – because that is what brings in today’s revenue. But all great marketing leaders know that its important to build new pillars for future-proofing the brand & business.

Vortex7 is a strategic services brand that is designed to support this aspect of the Marketing leader’s role.

Vortex7 is a confluence of team-members with skill sets in Marketing planning & Operations, Services, Strategy, Media, Digital, Direct Marketing and high quality Brand-building Creative services. The multi-faceted backgrounds help bring in a comprehensive perspective to the strategic counsel that is on offer.

Vortex7 Offering

The range of Strategic Services being offered by Vortex7 is evolving.
The following are a few of the key services on offer at the moment.

Digital Marketing Transformation


Transforming the Digital Marketing Approach aligned with Brand & Business Roles is a critical aspect of the Vortex7 services. There are multiple strategic thinking tools that the team brings in - ● iBCD to create long-term digital roadmaps, ● Content frameworks aligned to the consumer context, ● Refinement of the owned digital platforms, ● Its proprietary CLIP - closed loop performance enhancement solution for customer acquisition & retention, among others.

Re-visioning Brand Pillars


Branding unlocks value and helps create long-term growth for businesses. This Vortex7 service helps with the creation of strategic brands within the portfolio to build pillars for growth. The kind of strategic solutions included here are – defining critical success factors, branding of innovations, living the brand, etc.

Diamond Marketing Services


While the general services business is part of the Tidal7 mandate, the team at Vortex7 offers a very small and select set of services which are specially curated. These include very unique workshop offerings where we bring in marketing experts to offer an outside in perspective on key marketing issues which a CMO might face. Project based solutions for ‘hard-nut’ marketing issues. CXO Profiling services considering that it is becoming a critical asset to build company brand profiles. There are other such select services that will be added in due course.

Vortex7 – an offering in partnership with Vatsal Asher


Vatsal Asher is a Customer Experience expert with over 20 years of Corporate experience. His key skills sets have been in Customer Strategy and Marketing Excellence. Vatsal has worked in critical Marketing and Customer Experience Roles at Marquee companies like Spencer Retail, Tata Teleservices and Reliance Retail.

Over the last decade Vatsal has been a leader at various associations of global repute. He has been the Founder CEO at DMA Asia. He has held a board of Directors seat at the Global DMA. Vatsal is also a Board Member of the International Content Federation. And he is now the India and Asia representative for the DAA.

His role as an evangelist at the helm of these global associations keeps him at the cutting edge of knowledge on where the world of marketing and communication is headed. He brings the energy of that perspective and his services capabilities, at the highest end of the spectrum, into the Vortex7 offering.

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