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Tata Croma

Lifetime Service Assurance.

Tata Croma, one of most admired digital and electronics stores in India, has increasingly had to contend with growing competition from large physical retailers, as well as ecommerce players. And while staying competitive in pricing is an ongoing effort, Service needs to be the real discriminator.

Recently, Croma introduced a breakthrough concept – that of a Lifetime Service Assurance. What it meant was quite simple – anytime you have a problem during the lifetime of a product you buy from Croma, you need to make just one call. And Croma will take the responsibility of solving the problem for you, instead of your having to track down and chase the manufacturer, or their service center.


The communication challenge was to simplify this promise, and leverage it to build the brand in a memorable way.

So, we introduced the Croma Dude. Except he wasn’t one more boring, dumbed-down, predictable mascot – he was a cool dude with attitude and style. And his stories were told with tongue firmly in the cheek.