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Digital Toolkit

Consumers have become smarter, less attentive, have new attitudes and views, and are more new-news-seeking than ever before.

The world of media has also disaggregated and changed dramatically. With multiplying media choices it’s more and more difficult to get people’s attention.

There is a need for new tools to help us address these new realities.

We have brought in new tools in many areas
* New Tools to define brands in the new age,
* Business and brand planning tools,
* Creative Briefing Tool meant for today’s consumer media reality
* A framework of insights for driving Digital Attention
* Content planning tools,
* Tools for choosing digital media more astutely,
* Behavioral science driven insight tools for digital planning including UX design

New Age


Some of our new age thinking toolkit


Digital Strategy Roadmap Tool - A comprehensive framework to define brand & business roles for digital.


The Attention Toolkit - to help us deliver the attention of the highly distracted consumer.


Content Framework Tool - In a world full of content your content needs a unique voice.


A classic positioning ladder tool to lift the brand’s consumer proposition to be relevant to today’s consumer.


Choosing the right Digital Media Platform - A tool that uses multiple parameters to help you make the right choice of digital channels.


Behavioural Economics applied to brands & digital interfaces - An expert practice to unearth counter-intuitive insights that drive desired consumer behavior.


The new-age creative briefing tool that helps us create communication for greater consumer attention.

Digital Brand Building

Watch this interview with our co-founder Venkat Mallik on HT Brand Studio

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