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Bank of Baroda

The MConnect App –and #BlinkBanking

Despite being one of the more digitally agile Public Sector Banks, just being a PSU, compounded  by delayed efforts at driving digital banking, meant that Bank of Baroda was lagging behind when it comes to its Mobile Banking usage.


We were tasked with building significant awareness for the Bank of Baroda MConnect app (which was best in class from a User Interface perspective, and very feature rich.)
We also saw an additional opportunity – to use the Mobile Banking App campaign to build the perception of Bank of Baroda as progressive, fast and responsive.


We coined a new term – #BlinkBanking, which reflected the speed that the MConnect App  responded to your banking needs. And to signal the seriousness with which the Bank was approaching this launch, we decided on making not 2 or 3, but 10 video films  to launch #BlinkBanking with a bang.  Each of only 15 seconds.


The production budget was a challenge. Fortunately, we had a very good actor in Rushad Rana, the Bank’s Brand Ambassador. And, of course, our own expertise, not just in managing extremely efficient productions, but also in creating scripts that maximised the tightest of budgets.


10 cutter-breaking films later, awareness numbers for the MConnect App have grown manifold, as has the adoption.. The magic of this campaign has been in the way short duration videos have been used and have helped us deliver VTRs, Completion rates and other digital metrics which are significantly better than industry benchmarks.