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Deepak Fertilisers

Mahadhan Smartek Testimonial Campaign

While simple, powerful communication is the starting point for any marketing success, farmers are, arguably, some of the very toughest consumers to win over. Because a wrong call could cost them a whole season –a setback they would find difficult to overcome.

What the farmer wanted, apart from the most attractive proposition, was actual proof on the ground – proof he could hear from another farmer’s mouth.


The Mahadhan team has been working tirelessly on ground creating Field Trials and building case studies for Smartek’s efficacy.

Our challenge was to be able to capture these real experiences in situ, on the farmer’s own field. And do it many times over, across many different, far-flung, remote locations.


Again, our ability to conceive simply, and execute efficiently stood us in good stead.

This 9 film testimonial campaign – Real Farmers, Real Stories –  was rolled out through social media as well as by the Mahadhan field force through their exhaustive contact lists. Hyperlocal targeting helped weigh the reach to the featured farmers’ neighbourhood, adding tremendous credibility to the stories. The campaign has very quickly become a classic case study in Rural Marketing. It has also become an integral, vital part of Mahadhan’s long term communication strategy